Monday, January 28, 2013


Some people I like to stalk (Charis,Jackie) have put blood, sweat, poop and tears (ahha!) into making this dream a reality for SO many people!! Today they released more information about the 2013 Girls with Guts Retreat!

Click HERE to check out the deets!

Hope to see you there!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Back in the swing of things

I won't make excuses. Blogging hasn't been a priority lately. I guess I just didn't think it necessary to write for the sake of writing. I remembered I had taken some pictures a while back that I wanted to use in a post - so here we go.

Back to the essence of the blog...ostomy fashion!

Another example of using the "belly band"

Here is am in dressier denim with a lightweight sweater. These jeans have no belt loops, they are a higher rise and they have a wide waistband - all great for ostomates! A few pictures of what it looks like before I added my "belly band".

Tricky part is, the dryer fairy has gotten ahold of this sweater a few times and it has shrunk. When I raise my arms it rises and while that doesn't bother me, I was going to work and that's not the most professional look to be having.

So, I decided to throw on my upsidedown Victoria's Secret bandeau top - it is my go to for these instances.

So, I get the coverage I want in case I have to reach up on a shelf without the added bulkiness of an entire shirt or tank UNDERNEATH my sweater. Win win! I have this bandeau top in black, white and tan. I had intended to order more once I figured out if they were going to work for me, but by that time they were sold out and I haven't seen them again since.

I know there are other similar products out there such as maternity belly bands and some infomercial products as well. Hope that helps someone!!

Remember to find your silver linig.