Thursday, June 21, 2012

Too much

It's been two weeks. I haven't been in a good place. There have been a LOT of things going on - not just with my health, but in other parts of my life. I'm trying to get back to a good place, it is a slow process and a learning curve - but I will get there. Just give me time okay?

I am still battling the pyoderma around my stoma and we have moved on to Tacrolimus ointment (Protopic), after one day I already see improvement so cross your fingers that the progress continues.

With pyoderma comes some pretty intense pain. You may be able to imagine that applying my pouch to an area that is riddled with ulcers is painful - but them putting clothing on top of that can be even MORE painful. So, lately I have been leaning towards my knits and things that fit a bit more losely or ride lower on my hips.

My favorite pants of the moment - actually, they have been my favorite pants since I came home from the hospital. Now I have 3 pair instead of 1 :) Anyway, they are

Lands End women's fold-over waist stretch pants

Now don't freak out about the "stretch pants" part of that. They don't have stirrups and honestly, I don't think they are anything like stretch pants - whatever that even means. When I hear stretch pants I think of leggings, something that is tight fitting and "stretching" over my body.

They also have a cropped pant that is VERY similar that I plan to try out - I will let you know how they are compared to these. I totally meant to take a picture of me wearing them yesterday and got home so late I just wanted OUT of my work clothes and into sleep clothes. Next time, I promise.

Find your silver lining.

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