Saturday, May 12, 2012

Elle Macpherson says

Maybe that could be the new "Simon Says"? Anyway, she really did say "Underwear is such an emotional thing."

Let me just preface this by saying that I get no monetary compensation or "in kind" gifts from any of the places that make the things I feature here. I just like the product (whatever it may be) and enjoy sharing with you the ways I use them.

That being said - I have found new underwear. *insert cheers from crowd here* Y'all, you know it is a JOURNEY to find underwear you like because you just.don't.know if you really like it until you get it home and wear those bad boys for a few days. I am no advocating wearing the same underwear for days at a time without changing them - please change and wash them and then wear again, k? Good. But you know what I mean - you put them in the rotation and get familiar with them before you run out and buy several pair.

A few weeks ago I was shopping at Tar-jay (please say it all uppity, won't you?) and came across some potentially life changing undies.

Seriously.LOVE.them! Let's just start off with the fact that they come in bikini, hipster OR brief - a style for everyone! They come in lots of different colors/patterns like the leopard print up there but also zebra print with lace trim, pretty floral, pink, black, nude. The kicker? There is a strip of silicone around the leg opening that keeps it in place on your butt!! They are anti-wedgie. We all know that we have some undies that just ride and ride until they are all bunched up - don't lie. No matter what you do or what you wear, it happens. I had some of those - they are long gone with the trash man.

These are on sale right now at Target stores and online and come in a 2pk for $11. I don't usually like to spend that much, I wait for the clearance rack at Kohl's and stock up at $1.80 each. But, I spent that extra money to try these out and love them so much I went back for 4 more pair. They are super pretty and feminine (especially the lacey ones) and don't feel "granny" at all. Well, I suppose if you got the briefs they may feel a little granny but I got the bikinis and the hipsters.

So, there you have it - fashion forward for your Saturday morning.

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