Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things that make me do a little cartwheel in my heart

The smell that wafts towards me every few minutes from the Febreeze smelly thing I put on my desk at work.

That both my kids still ask to be tucked in at night.

When random objects take me back in time. For example on the way home today an Iroc-Z passed me on the highway. My dad used to have an Iroc-Z. That led me to another car my dad had, a Corvette with a removable top - it wasn't a convertible, you had to remove the top and the back part was still connected to the car. What do they call that? Anyway - it led me to that Corvette which led me to my sorority sister Kiki and the time we took said car out for a drive and it started to rain, so we pulled over and THOUGHT we had put the top back on. When I pulled away from a light the top flew off the car and tumbled down the lane behind us like a piece of construction paper. Ummm....what.just.happened? I proceeded on memory lane with Kiki and ended up remembering that she doesn't like to wear socks. At least she didn't back then - maybe she has changed her ways.

Leaving work at 2pm.

Looking at the line of profile pics on my Tastefully Simple team's Facebook page and seeing that nearly everyone has added the World IBD Day PicBadge to their profile picture. Go on over and add it to yours why don'tcha?

Being able to leave work at work. Geebus, it feels good to walk out the door and not carry any baggage home with me - JUST the kind of job I need!

All the little notes, cards, drawings, rocks (crystals!) that my youngest one brings home to me. Today it was 2 post it notes with the following blips written on them: my mom. ....takes me places ....amazing me hugs and kisses nice me hugs and kisses ...pretty ...reads me a book. I can only imagine that it was part of some mother's day project they are working on and they were asked to fill in the blank "I love my mom because..." I'm glad to know that he loves me because I give him hugs and kisses and that made the list twice. I always make him promise that he will ALWAYS let me give him hugs and kisses.

That I can eat what I want without having to preface it with "I'm gonna pay for this tomorrow".

Vampire movies. Yes. Vampire movies. Didn't know that about me didya?

That Dr. PottyMouth feels comfortable enough with me to ask me to send her those Noxzema eyebrow shaper razor thingies. You don't ask JUST ANYBODY to send something like that :)

That I can talk to my mommy tomorrow on my way to work because she works from home on Thursdays.

Unconditional love from a man when I feel like I don't deserve it.

Being able to put my babies on the bus every morning and see them hop off every afternoon.

Actively participating in life.

That last one sounds pretty "duh", like that makes everyone happy and you shouldn't have to announce it. But I can't take it for granted. There were plenty of times when life was just pushing me along. Days passed, then it was weeks and hell there was even a time when months passed that I was just being. Existing. Along for the ride. For the first time in a LONG time I am a participant on this ride! Damn it's fun.

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