Saturday, October 13, 2012

Awestomy! product review!!

Once upon a time there was this guy and this girl. Then one day the guy had surgery and came out with an ostomy - and Awestomy! was born. Or something like that!

A few weeks ago I got a Facebook message asking if I'd like to "wear test" a product from their new line of clothing. Take a look over the items, it said, then message us what you'd like and what size. Umm, seriously? Y'all - I know my non-ostomate friends don't understand how major this is, but these products are EXPENSIVE to purchase from the "big dogs" of ostomy fashion. I was VERY excited - to say the least - to have been asked to try this new product, from a new start up and give my opinion.

Behold the boy short.

It is your "classic" boy short with an ostomate twist. The waistband comes a little higher than your traditional boy short AND it comes equipped with a pocket on BOTH sides to accommodate different ostomies.

The panty material is stretchy, soft and comfy. It is very much like swimsuit material in my opinion. It kept its shape well when I wore it, not getting stretched out anywhere. That says a lot because I have got some junk in the trunk - and it can take its toll on the seams of undies. Badonky-donk.

I REALLY like the waistband on these shorts. It is pretty and has just enough lycra for stretch AND hold to keep my pouch close to my body. It also has a neato silicone like strip around the inside of the waistband that made it "stick" for lack of a better term - no sliding around or potentially rolling over. It wasn't going anywhere.

Yes, that is a tattoo on my leg. It is the planet Saturn with my astrological symbols inside.

Because of my ample backside I often have trouble with undies covering my cheeks. Like I said the elastic in the leg holes can get stretched out and that can turn into a hot mess real quick. While these didn't stretch out I do wish they would have had the same silicone or whatever it is strip around the inside of the leg hole - at least on the backside to connect with my cheek - that way it would stay put once I have my clothes on. I found it difficult to get a smooth look in my pants because of it. Remember - I have an abnomrally big butt so you may not encounter the same problem!

That being said - there was never at any time a wedgie. Even with my gigantic butt and nothing to help the undies grip my cheeks - the fabric held fast and did not disappear into the barbie butt.

Yes, that is another tattoo coming around the side from my back. It is a cherry blossom tree with Kanji lettering representing "mother, wife, daughter, sister".

I definitely think Awestomy! should look into using the tops of these undies as a wrap!! I'll do that wear test for ya!

P.s.I got a medium which is what I normall wear in undies. I don't think I could have gone smaller and I think going bigger would have not been a good idea either. The sizing is spot on.

Yes, I like tattoos. Yes, I have more. Yes, I plan to get more once I get the all clear from a certain someone we all know as Dr. Pottymouth.

Disclaimer*I was not compensated financially for my review of this product. My review is my own and I was not asked to alter my review in exchange for receiving said product as part of the review process.*

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