Monday, April 23, 2012

Don't re-invent the wheel

Before I get to the fashion part of this post - yes, there will be fashioned discussed on a fashion blog...novel idea isn't it? I told y'all I can get on a tangent and you may never see the bright lights of a neon off the shoulder cut up sweatshirt ala Flashdance. So, the before part is, drumrollllllllllll please - I was nominated as a Chronic Disease Diva!! How awesome is that? I was SO honored and floored that someone did that for me - many thanks to my gal pal Randi for thinking enough of me to nominate me. I know, you are wondering what the heck is a chronic disease diva right? Well, according to Sarah over at A Girl with Guts it is "A CDD (chronic disease diva or chronic disease devo if you’re a male) does not involve glitter or sequins…though that would make it even more appealing. A CDD is someone who owns her disease. Who can manage a life of illness with self-confidence. She knows exactly who she is. The difference between a regular diva and a CDD is owning your disease. A chronic disease diva is proud of herself even with an illness. She usually is a huge advocate for her disease and isn’t afraid to walk the walk and talk the talk. Every day she is a role model of strength and courage in the sick community. Have you ever seen one of these fabulous ladies and said “I want to be like that?!” That’s when you know you’ve spotted a CDD." Floored, totally floored.

Anywhoosie - fashion, fashion, fashion. Not so much something fashiony I have to share as it is functional. Behold the wonders of the Victoria's Secret bandeau top used as a "belly band"
Please ignore the fact that my pants look like jodhopurs in this picture, I assure you I spread out the "gatheredness" so as to not look like a horse jockey.

Here's what it looks like under my sweater:

So here you can see the top of my scar, then the top of my pouch sticking out and the "belly band" over the waistband of my pants. Now here is the genius tip - if you are still swollen from your surgery or sore or WHATEVER in your abdominal region, pull the old pregnancy trick and use a rubberband to loop your pants together instead of buttoning them. Put one end of the rubber band around the button then feed the other end through the button hole and loop it back over to go around the button. Wallah! Use a longer or shorter rubber band to get the effect you want. Then pull down a "belly band" over it and no one will ever know your pants are undone hahah!

As far as the bandeau top goes, I ordered them when they were on sale $10/ea. When they arrived I love them so much I went back online to order more fully intending to pay full price and they were GONE!! NOT THERE ANYMORE!! Wahhhhh! Hmphf. One edge is tighter than the other so I actually turn it upsidedown and then put it on over my head, situate it and get on my way. Last weekend I actually ended up wearing it on the inside of my jeans because there was plenty of room for me to button but they were super low cut and liked to ride down a bit - so, "belly band" covered my entire pouch aside from the filter part that I let stick out :) Helped the jeans fit better because there was extra fabric taking up space, made me more comfortable so I wasn't tugging at my jeans all night AND I didn't have to wear a belt which definitely would not have been fun for me.

Next time I wear it like that I'll get pics to share.

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  1. You are wonderful, and if I had never seen your friends page I wouldn't have known anything about the CDD.