Monday, April 16, 2012

First day of work, first day of work

say it in your best Nemo voice - come on! So, it really was my 3rd 1st day of work. Kind of like celebrating the 9th anniversary of your 29th birthday if ya get my drift? I started working way back in December of 2011 (last year!). Worked for 6 days and landed in the hospital at which time I scheduled surgery for 5 days later and saw no reason to return to said job for 5 days to learn things I would inevitably forget should they actually decide to keep me on. After my LENGTHY hospital stay I finally returned to work in March and worked 9 hours in 4 days before my doctor ordered me on IV antibiotics and 3 more weeks off work. And yes, I still had a j.o.b.! So, today, I went back after my latest antibiotic vacation and worked a full day - well, full day for me which is 9-2 and it was GREAT!! Didn't even think about Stella, no pain, up and down from my desk wearing my gigantic Very Volatile platforms. It was fantastic.

So, what did I wear you ask? I wore a pre-ostomy outfit - hell's yeah! The skirt is a smidgy more snug than I would like, but if we are being honest it was way too big in the waist before so it probably actually fits correctly now. My lower abdomen is still swollen and I have a big dippity do right down the middle of my belly :( It is mostly healed over, a small scab remains dead center but should be gone in the next week - they say it will take close to a year for me to "even out". That part kinda makes me sad because my belly was always my favorite part - I had an hourglass shape so my waist was small and my stomach was pretty flat by all measures and now I have this newly formed mountain region on my stomach - bump, dip, bump with a hat (stoma) LOL! It will all come together eventually.

Anywho - on to the fashion part of this blog! What I wore to work today:

Let me say a couple things about this photo - yes, I recently got my hair did :) I am standing on a stepstool, you can see my unmade bed in the background (my mother noticed that in a picture I posted on Facebook that my bed was made so I had to point that out!) and I have a pink iPhone. In exchange for looking at the unmade bed I spared you all from looking at my bras which I removed from that towel bar behind me, but left the wound care spray - go me. I did attempt to stand on the counter but that caused my head to be cut off, which may have not been such a bad idea now that I think about it. NOTE TO SELF - purchase full length mirror to take photos, also get one of those remote picture taker thingies for the iPhone so I don't have to dislocate my shoulder when taking pictures.

So, can you see my ostomy? Would you "know" if you didn't "know"? A great way to camouflage the area is with pattern, today I chose stripes! Also, the top I have on has a band at the bottom - it isn't stretchy but the way that it fits causes the bottom hem to lay just about 1.5" past the waistband of the skirt. A little overlap is good for those days when you are reaching off shelves to retrieve reports and notebooks! The top is sleeveless and if I was going to a picnic or something I would have left it at home, but I was going to work so I needed to cover up. Not to mention I have the remnants of a PICC line on my upper left arm that isn't all that cute to look at, so it is covered as well.

Something else you can't see in this pic are the hella awesome shoes I have on from Very Volatile. I found them in the clearance room at Von Maur forever and day ago and I love them. They are platform wedges and they rock - making my legs look longer and me look taller. Plus, fabulous shoes draw people's eye DOWN to your feet so if you aren't completely comfortable with your ostomy yet it doesn't become the focal point.

There you have it! Cardi-shrug from Old Navy $15, brown top from Talbot's and I have no idea how much becuse I got it eons ago - same for the skirt, it is also Talbot's. I like Talbot's :)


  1. uhm... can we discuss that you can't talk about awesome shoes and then not show pictures of awesome shoes, please rectify immediately. Thank you.

    Looks like the Mel I know and love.

  2. I noticed the bed in all your pictures, but I forgot to mention it. As usual you look amazing