Saturday, April 21, 2012

Post-it notes and public toilets

One of my biggest pet peeves is going into the bathroom and coming face to face with someone else's business - whether at home or out and about. So, I totally GET the automatic flushing toilets that so many places have installed - but for the LOVE of GOD, they drive me NUTS as an ostomate! Are they set on a timer or overly sensitive to motion? Sheesh, it's like raaching for the toilet paper even sets the damn thing off!! I mean, I have a little extra business to take care of now and the last thing it want it pee water splashing up on my cheeks because of the automatic toilets. In an effort to find a solution to my problem instead of just bitching about it, I will now carry post-it notes on my person at all times so that I can apply said note over the little sensor trigger and hopefully STOP THE INSANITY! This has been a public service announcement from the girl who doesn't want pee water splashed on her cheeks.


  1. That's a great suggestion for my 6 year old who freaks out when those start flushing! I need to add post-its to my purse so I don't have to stand there and cover it for her!

  2. holy crap. literally. that is the most fantastic idea. ever. thank you!