Sunday, November 11, 2012

#NBPHM 10 of 30 - How to take time for yourself

This is one I have struggled with for a big part of my life. Even before I was "sick". I am a people pleaser - I like to help, to a fault most of the time. I consistently put other's before myself. Which, was fine when it was related to my kids or family. But it started pouring out to school, work, friends, etc. When you combine that with a chronic illness it is a recipe for disaster. At least for me.

For me, I had to learn how to say NO. And consequently understand that it didn't make me less of a parent, wife, military spouse or person to say NO! In all actuality, it made me a better person for having the understanding that I canNOT do it all and live with my Crohn's disease. Sure - there are a LOT of Crohnies out there that go balls to the wall, so why can't I be like them? Because - Crohn's disease has so many variations and extremes it is ridiculous. It is quite a conundrum in the IBD community actually. The severity of disease varies so greatly from person to person that it is sometimes hard to grasp WHAT the problem is!

So, what do I do now that is different from what I did before. I take the pressure off of myself. I don't allow myself to feel guilty when I can't participate in or attend something. I say YES to things because I WANT to do them, not because I feel like I HAVE to do them.

I work very part time. I also have a home based business which allows me to work when I want. I have - for the most part - well behaved children whom I can - sometimes - trust to manage themselves when I just need to lie down for a bit.

I use paper plates on occassion. They will de-compose.

At least once a week we have "make it yourself night" which really means, eat a bowl of cereal and call it dinner.

I started running. If THAT isn't time for myself I don't know what is! It is my thing, my time and I just tie up my shoes and go. Everything will continue on without me for the 30 minutes of excercise and sanity I enjoy.

I have a babysitter on speed dial. And I don't feel bad calling her so that I can do something for myself. I also don't feel bad calling her when I can't do something for myself - as in asking her to "nanny" along on a trip to the zoo or amusement park.

I blog. It is cathartic for me. It is time for myself because as much as I do it to raise awareness and advocate for other people with IBD - I'd be lying if I said it wasn't for me too. It helps ME heal.

Find your silver lining and be awesome!

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