Monday, November 5, 2012

#NHBPM 5 of 30 - 3 things I am thankful for...

The prompt is 3 things you are thankful for/inspired by/excited by. I'm not sure if I am supposed to just choose one category and list 3 things or if I am supposed to provide one thing for each category? Or am I supposed to to 3 things for each of 3 categories? I dunno and guess what? It's my blog so I "do what I want!" And I want to do 3 things for each category. Tah-dah.

Three things I am thankful for

Modern day medicine. It wasn't too long ago that surgery like mine wasn't even possible. As a matter of fact, just 100 years ago was the first time the small bowel was brought through an incision in the abdomen to form a stoma. Pretty interesting read if you want to click over. And it's not just the surgery that has advanced, you can also see in that article what the ostomy supplies of days gone by used to look like. As they say, "you've come a LONG way baby!" I honestly believe that withOUT the advances of medicine I wouldn't be here typing this today.

My citizenship. I'm thankful to be a citizen of the most amazing country in the world. I don't agree with everything our government does, and that's ok! No one is going to stone me or cut out my tongue for expressing my views. I'm thankful for my husband and the long line of military service that he comes from.

I'm thankful for the internet. Yep, as lame as that sounds I am. If not for the internet I wouldn't have some of the friends that make a difference in my life everyday. I wouldn't have been able to research my disease, surgery, medications, etc. throughout the past 9.5 years.

Three things I am inspired by

My friends. Each in their own way - whether they inspire me to be a better mom, a better cook, a better wife or a better friend. They inspire me. I take strength from them and know that if they can do it so can I. They lift me up when I need and put me in my place when I am out of line. They are not afraid to lay it on the line with me and I do the same with them. THAT is what a friend is. One who doesn't turn tail and run when the going gets a little tough.

My kids. Do I even need to explain that? Their resilience. Their unwavering and unconditional love. Their sense of humor. If your kids don't inspire you in some way, I think you might be doing something wrong.

Pinterest. Duh.

Three things I am excited by

IBD research. I hope for a lot of things. What I hope for the most is that research continues to advance and pinpoint WHY people get IBD and more importantly for me, the specific genetic connection. I wouldn't wish this disease on my worst enemy and I would do anything ANYTHING to keep it away from my babies.

The holidays. I feel like I totally ruined the holidays for my family last year. Okay, I DID ruin the holidays last year. I am SO SO SO excited to be with my little 4 person nucleus in December! I think I might be more excited than the kids - but for completely different reasons. I want to put out reindeer food, stuff the stockings, cook the traditional Christmas morning breakfast, see their eyes light up when they come down the stairs, enjoy the chaos of ripping off wrapping paper and bask in the glow of parenthood sitting next to my husband.

My health. While I am not "cured" and never will be, my health is in a place that I can't remember it being for a decade. I'm excited that it is enabling me to do so much that I was missing out on for so long. I can't wait to walk through all the doors it is going to open for me personally and professionally. December 15 marks 1 year since my surgery - my rebirth as I like to call it. I'm excited for 2013 and what my new health will bring to it!

What's up for tomorrow. I dunno yet. I haven't been able to come up with anything for the given prompt so I may have to go off plan. Come back to find out I suppose.

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  1. This Christmas is going to be the best christmas for yall.:)