Thursday, November 8, 2012

#NHBPM 6 of 30 - Favorite blogs

I hate to call anything favorite because each of the blogs is my favorite in its own way. So, we'll just call it a list...or as I refer to it over there "sources of inspiration". Check them out!

Jackie at Blood, Poop & Tears with Facebook page of the same name

Charis at Full Frontal Ostomy and on Facebook at My Doctor Knows Me Best from Behind

The Great Bowel Movement on Facebook at GBM

Sandy on Facebook at IBD, Ostomy and JPouch Support

Shaz on Facebook at Shaz's Ostomy Lounge

Sara at Inflamed and Untamed and on Facebook with the same name.

I've been having an "off" last few days so forgive my tardiness and please check out these blogs/spaces along with additional list in the side bar.

Find the silver lining and be awesome today!

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