Sunday, November 11, 2012

#NHBPM 11 of 30 Re-label and anatomy picture

I couldn't find a picture that showed everything I wanted to re-label with ties to my Crohn's disease. So, I chose the 2 that have the greatest impact on me right now. First up - the fun to talk about GI tract!

I have never claimed to have great skills with computer programs - get out your magnifying glass if you need to on that one!

That WHOLE large intestine/colon is gone along with everything that comes after it. You can imagine that left a LOT of void in the old abdominal cavity. Ha, indeed it did. So, take a look at the female reproductive system:

I'm missing everything behind the vagina(l) canal and uterus. If there is nothing there to support then things start moving around. And move around they have. The "normal" uterus is supposed to be tipped forward as you see in the picture - mine is currently tipped just like that except BACKWARDS. This leads to its own set of problems in the "girly parts" arena that are for another day and another post. Additionally, the vagina(l) canal has also "fallen" for lack of a better term and is now contorted too. Ladies - you can go there in your mind, think if your vagina was curved in such a way....hi painful.

In addition to these anatomy pics I think one for the joints is warranted as well. Though all the labeling would be the same I think? This joint - hurts. This one - hurts. Those over there - they hurt. You get the picture.

I'm sure I could have done much better labeling and finding pictures had I just waited for my medically inclined husband - but I am impatient like that and just wanted to get this posted.

Find your silver lining and be awesome.

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